The skyscraper you’re about to see will be the tallest, the thinnest, the most luxurious and definitely one of the most impressive buildings in New York’s history. It moves the boundaries in engineering, modern architecture and real estate. It’s 432 Park Avenue!


Here are the facts you need to know about the brand new masterpiece of modern architecture. 432 Park Avenue skyscraper is designed by the famous Uruguayan architect, Rafael Viñoly. It is currently under construction, being built by the Harry Macklowe and CIM Group. Once it’s done, it will be the tallest residential tower in New York City. With 89 floors and 426m (1,397ft), 432 Park Avenue will be taller than 1WTC’s roof, Empire State Building and all other famous landmarks in NYC. It will literally dwarf the whole Midtown, offering one-of-a-kind views. It is real estate heaven, right?

With this impressive unique height comes unique apartment and unique price. On the photos below you will see what will be like to live in the 87th floor, $74,500,000 penthouse, which is currently looking for its owner. Feel like buyin’? Besides this outstanding modern penthouse, there is “cheaper” version available, a $17.4 million, two bed, 3.5-bath apartment on the 42nd floor. Sounds incredible, right?

As I said earlier, 432 Park Avenue skyscraper is currently under construction. By the time you finish reading this post, it will be slightly over 50% of its height, already passing some famous Midtown legends. One of the most impressive things about 432 Park Avenue is its width to height ratio, 19:1, which makes it one of the thinnest skyscrapers in the world. Really impressive engineering.















Source: Architecturebeast


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