15 Trendy Living Rooms You Can Recreate at Home!

15 Trendy Living Rooms You Can Recreate at Home!

If there were a 12. Beige Beauty This is a very friendly space but it’s decorated in a way that brings about a rich, luxurious style. It could be all the feminine touches, of course, or it could be [...]

Trends You're About to See Everywhere This Fall

Fall is just around the corner and we're setting our sights on what home design and hues will be huge. So, we scoured stores and Pinterest and asked industry experts which trends they're loving for n [...]

Star Wars-inspired observatory will be built atop a mountain in Cyprus

Kyriakos Tsolakis Architects has won planning permission for an astronomical research centre on top of the Troodos mountain range, which will provide NASA with information about celestial phenomena [...]


The skyscraper you’re about to see will be the tallest, the thinnest, the most luxurious and definitely one of the most impressive buildings in New York’s history. It moves the boundaries in engin [...]

What the limassol casino would have looked like if Bloombery took over

In addition to the Melco-Hard Rock consortium, which eventually signed the contract for the Limassol casino resort, Bloombery was particularly interested in the licensing of a casino-resort in Cyprus [...]

A Stunning Butterfly-Inspired House

 Most people will never be lucky enough to live in a house that is as inspired, unique, and luxurious as the one featured in this post. But looking inside this stunning space, located right on the Pa [...]

World’s Smallest House is a Single Square Meter in Size!

The world’s smallest house is finally here. For real. Compared to the One-Sqm-House by Van Bo Le-Metnzel of Hartz IV Möbel, all of the other teeny weeny little dwellings we have featured over th [...]

Most Beautiful College Campuses in the World

We have a love-hate relationship with school, but a couple clicks through these jaw-dropping campuses and we're packing our bags and stocking up on XL twin sheets. Read on to learn which universities [...]

Architect Turns Old Cement Factory Into the Most Stunning Home

Even though people say it's what's on the inside that matters, this abandoned WWI-era cement factory started out as a serious eyesore all around. The outside was harsh and worn, while the inside lo [...]

Weekend meteor shower to follow tonight’s lunar eclipse

Apart from the only partial lunar eclipse in 2017 visible from Cyprus on Monday two more celestial phenomena are expected in August, a Perseids meteor shower and a solar eclipse, the Kition Planetar [...]

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