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How To Identify Modern Style Homes

When modern is your style, you can’t help but seek the neutral colors in life. Your wardrobe is probably mostly black and white. Creams, beiges and inky shades rule your home’s decor. Simplicity seeps into every aspect of living. But how much is this affected by the actual home you live in? A farmhouse is so easy to fill with knick knacks and antiques that modern simplicity is almost impossible to attain in that element. So for ultimate modern living, living in a modern style house is the goal. Clean lines, neutral colors, the outside of your home will reflect the inside. Here’s what you need to know about identifying modern style homes as you prepare to create your own modern paradise.







The modern styled made it’s entrance at the end toward the end of the 19th century. With materials like glass, steel and concrete more readily available, people were ready to achew the older styles in favor of new and modern ones. Austrian architect Rudolph Schindler designed a home in 1922 that was named the first modern house in existence. His later creation of the Newport Beach house, Lovell, was a major cornerstone in modern architecture in the U.S. After the second world war, architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Richard Neutra made modern design a common sight among the wealthy neighborhoods.






Modern homes are very boxy in nature. With flat roofs, grid windows and industrial features, it’s no wonder that they are the modern stylist’s dream. Often, the exterior will be made up of elements like concrete or stone paired with wood siding. You’ll find windows with black sashes, linear stair rails and fences and absolutely no shutters. Yet somehow, modern homes manage to be warm and inviting to the eye.



So many modern homes you see consist of black and white. However it doesn’t have to be two tone to be modern. If your house is in a rustic area, covering the exterior with warm wood siding can help your modern home blend into the neighborhood but still fit your modern style.


Pining for a bit of color in your life? Use the exterior of your home to achieve it. Pops of bright shades like turquoise, red and yellow make the exterior of your home a fun sight to see. You’ll easily prove that modern living can be minimal and family friendly at the same time.{found on mcinturffarchitects}.


Living in a city home can be tricky for modern style lovers. Properties are smaller which makes your house options limited. However, to keep part of the traditional home and just add a modern piece, like a second story or a backyard greenhouse, can make your entire house feel modern and fresh even if it is technically a Queen Anne.{found on chanarchitecture}.


Challenged on horizontal space to build your modern home? Think tall instead. Rather than having your modern home splayed long across your property, stack all the areas on top of each other. Garage and storage on the bottom, living layers next and private areas on top.{found on duketarchitects}.


Modern homes can be anything but one big square if you like. They could be all kinds of squares and rectangles, stacked on top of each other in different ways to create one big work of art. Anyone would be lucky to call that home.


Modern living is quite a common style for tiny houses. When there isn’t much room for quaint and chic, it’s just best to go simple and clean, leaving you with a modern feel. Modern tiny houses can be small and vertical or so small that they are portable. It’s up to you how much space you need to function.{found on design-milk}.


Whether your modern house is made up of stone and wood or wood and iron, you’re sure to find some concrete somewhere in the exterior design. It’s a common element for entertaining spaces since it’s cheap and relatively simple. The easier the material, the bigger your outdoor entertaining space can be.


Just like the exterior of your home is modern, any outdoor living space is going to reflect this style. Sleek outdoor furniture will look wonderful on your modern patio. Black countertops would make a find outdoor kitchen choice. As you make these outdoor decisions, think of how they will look against the exterior of your home as well as how they work with your interior decor.


One reigning element of any outdoor space is the fire pit. There’s nothing like settling down with your friends, hot cider in hand, and watching the flames together. There are tons of DIYs for modern fire pits if you have the itch to do a project or you can purchase on of the many sleek examples.


Some modern homes have the space for outdoor entertaining but maybe not the resources to add all the fancy patios and pools. No worries. Spend your time and money making your indoor living areas easily accessible from the outdoor space. Then all you have to do is throw open the doors and let the party flow in and out themselves.{found on fearns}.


No outdoor space to speak of? Get creative and consider vertical gardening. You can make your pattern face outward for the world to see or face inward for your own pleasure. Either way, use the walls of your home to bring some greenery into your life.







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