How many times have you dreamed of redecorating your small apartment? You might want to do it even more after you see this beautiful small studio apartment.


Fimera Design gave us some pretty nice ideas how to decorate a small apartment with this studio apartment located in Sofia, a capital of Bulgaria. (you can see more of their small apartment design knowledge here!)

Studio apartment design

Feel free to drop your plans about buying the penthouse! This suburban apartment is perfect example that even the smallest living spaces can become incredibly comfortable, beautiful and even luxury looking. Even though there’s no physical barriers which would separate different rooms, designers from Fimera studio managed to separate different living spaces with minimalist furniture which took the focus of off itself. Small modern living room is pushed back while space that connects it with the kitchen is used as a dining room.

Decorating a studio apartment

Beautiful contrast in decoration is achieved with bright ceilings and floors, while walls are painted in dark brown. Wooden details on modern and minimalist furniture fulfills the atmosphere. To “kill” the monotony and sterile feeling, designers placed colorful focal points in almost every “room”. A simple red couch pillow in the living area, red chandelier in dining area and wooden cabinets in the kitchen. Master bedroom, which is probably the largest room in whole apartment joins in with black bed sheets and night stands. I specially love two modern lamps hanging from the ceiling. It really gives beautiful minimalist touch.

On the question how to decorate a small apartment, designers from Fimera studio responded with minimalism, simplicity and bright colors. What do you think of this design? Let me know in the comment section below! Or continue looking for inspiration on apartment decorating with Alexandra Fedorova and SVOYA!







Source: Architecturebeas


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