The Floral Patterns Of Today And The Ways To Use Them In Home Decor

We finally reached a point when we’re giving florals a second chance. We know they kind of look like grandma’s furniture but we’re starting to see past that and to rediscover their beauty and charm. It’s a great thing since a floral pattern can fit in almost anywhere. The trick is knowing how to use them to create the desired look and ambiance. A look inspired by nature can take many different forms and floral patterns can be a big part of it.

Florals on walls and wallpapers

Back in the 18th century when chintz was very popular, wallpaper started being the new way to decorate the walls. At that time wallpaper was expensive, being made of leather and silk. Today things are different. You can find wallpaper everywhere and it comes in all imaginable colors and prints. Floral patterns are just one of the options.

Large prints can serve as focal points so don’t overwhelm the space with them


For cohesiveness, the colors found on the wallpaper should also be the ones repeated throughout the room


For a modern twist, give your wallpaper some depth by also decorating the walls with 3D flowers


Use a black backdrop to give the floral pattern a dramatic look


Choose an oversized pattern to highlight an accent wall or to add color to a certain space


Instead of a repetitive wallpaper pattern you could opt for a floral or nature-inspired mural


A busy wallpaper pattern is best used with a simple, perhaps even monochromatic decor


A floral wallpaper pattern, used in the right setting, can give a space an exotic look


Not all floral patterns have to be colorful. The classic black and white combo can be successfully adapted


A wallpapered wall is in a way just an oversized painting and it almost always becomes a focal point for the space

Floral patterns on carpets and rugs

If you feel like covering your walls with flowers would be a bit too much, there are other ways of introducing a floral pattern into a room’s decor. For instance, you could pick a carpet or an area rug with a floral pattern that matches your style. It can be something cheerful and colorful or it can be something more abstract and toned down.


Consider a floral rug for spaces such as your home office or the bedroom


Floral prints definitely have a feminine charm and you can base your room decor on that

Florals on furniture

Yes, floral patterns on furniture can definitely give that grandma’s house look but don’t just to conclusions yet. Sometimes that look can actually be comforting and you can definitely give it a chic spin. Still, if you want something more suitable for today, there are plenty of fresh new prints and patterns to choose from. Florals have really evolved over the years. It’s probably why they never really go out of style.

This is very artistic and refreshing interpretation of the traditional floral pattern


When it comes to floral patterns on furniture, the sofa is usually the first thing that comes to mind


That’s actually a chair that takes this whole idea to a new leve


That’s a quirky and original way of customizing a kitchen island with a floral pattern

Source: Homedit


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