There are numerous ideas how to decorate apartment out there. But sometimes let is more. And black and white interior design can be all you need.


Translating architectural drawings and ideas into a work of reality can be every shade of tricky, but oozes aesthetic beauty at the end. These designs take time to plan and get all parts perfectly fitted together, and the execution could even take longer time and resources. Speaking of resources, the final jaw dropping result we see is as a result of a combination of different materials, with different shapes and sizes, as well as colour. The material colours used in the interior design are chosen to satisfy a particular taste, and give the apartment a certain designed look and feel that is special. And sometimes minimalist atmosphere of black and white interior design is enough to reach perfection.

Apartment with black and white interior design

The “Contemporary Interior Box” apartment created by the outstanding and gifted architects of ID White architectural office in 2016 completely shows the impeccable touch that colours used with woods can give to an apartment’s interior design, especially when there’s nothing more than black and white in interior design.



Black and white living room

The flat covers a 55 square area, and was designed with the aim to separate spaces by contrast, giving a glowing edge. When it comes to the apartment’s living room, the application of black and white interior design makes it very bright. This was the concept adopted by the numerous architects around the world. (see also how interior designer Alexandra Fedorova used black and white in apartment decorating!)











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