Cyprus aspires to be a bridge of cooperation between Asia and Europe

Cyprus aspires to act as a bridge to further enhance ties of cooperation between Asia, Europe, and Africa, House President Demetris Syllouris said on Tuesday.

Syllouris was addressing the opening session of the Standing Committee of Economy and Sustainable Development of the Asian Parliamentary Assembly, which is hosted by Cyprus for the first time until June 28 with the participation of over 90 MPs and senators from 20 Asian countries.

In his address, the House Speaker said Cyprus, which is located ay the crossroads of Asia, Europe and Africa can play a key role in actively promoting the assembly’s goals, aspiring to act as a bridge in further enhancing ties and cooperation between Asia, Europe and Africa.

“Our participation in the EU has shown us that economic cooperation and interdependence can constitute a basis for peace, stability and prosperity,” he said.

He added that Cyprus also aspires to become an active player in promoting the initiative “One Belt, One Road” a development strategy proposed by the Chinese government which focuses on connectivity and cooperation between Eurasian countries in the context of the EU and of connecting maritime routes and cross-border infrastructure between the Mediterranean and the “Maritime Silk Road.”

Cyprus could act as an energy hub between Europe and Asia and as a supplier of the Asian energy market one of the greatest and fastest growing in the world, he noted.

On his part chairman of the committee and vice chair of the assembly, Nicos Tornaritis said that the Cypriot parliament is honoured to chair the committee.

“It is only through common and targeted action that we can hope to formulate substantial proposals for our governments, aiming to include the main provisions of viable and sustainable economic growth in the entire spectrum of our national policies”, he pointed out.

Source: CyprusMail


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