Different Ways to Style Floating Shelves

If you can't decide what to do with a blank wall, turn to the easy-to-hang statement

makers ahead!

Try tiny triangles.

Stick stacks into a lonely corner to create a decorative vignette that showcases all of

your favorite things.


Use all surfaces.

Floating shelves are super chic and practical, but forgetting to use the underside is a

common mistake. Hang mugs underneath to eke out every drop of storage.


Store children's books.


Pick out chunky wood.

These burly shelves add heft to a bare nook and offer the perfect platform for bulkier

knick knacks.


Use all angels.

The clean lines of these slim shelves won't overpower a room — even when you wrap

them onto adjoining walls.


Create a playful display.

Have fun with shapes and angles when you group shelves of different sizes into a pretty,

3D wall collage.


Make a statement.

Here, white shelving (and a brand-new someone's cute name) pops off of a deep navy wall.


Elevate art.

Turn childhood doodles into gallery-worthy pieces by framing them. Resting the pictures

on top of each other creates a casual, yet uniform look.


Accessorize your stairway.

Let the line of your staircase determine the placement of your shelves and the items on t

they mimic your home's color palette.

Source: GH


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