Due diligence before buying property

Due diligence before buying property

THE term due diligence refers to the process usually initiated by the purchaser of an immovable property or a business, through which the interested party or entity requests and obtains information, d [...]

All The Wonderful Christmas Tree Ideas You Need For A Wonderful Holiday

. It’s not just the ornaments that make the tree a center of attention. In fact, the symbolism is the most important element. The whole act of decorating the Christmas tree is exciting. It’s not j [...]

The One Paint Color That Can Increase the Value of Your Home by Thousands

Speaking to Mail Online, Gimson explained that ivory is timeless, classic and versatile. She believes that ivory walls have the power to make a home look more expensive, while at the same time provid [...]

Easy Bedroom Makeover Ideas That Will Make Your Space Look Brand New

If you want to retreat to a relaxing space at the end of the day (and who doesn't?), you don't have to invest thousands of dollars for a top-to-bottom makeover. All of these ideas are simple enough [...]

Creative Ways to Upgrade Your Staircase

It may be small and narrow, but that doesn't mean your stairway can't get the same decorating treatment as the rest of your house. These staircase decorating ideas will give your entryway a step up. V [...]


How many times have you dreamed of redecorating your small apartment? You might want to do it even more after you see this beautiful small studio apartment. Fimera Design gave us some pretty nice ide [...]

The Floral Patterns Of Today And The Ways To Use Them In Home Decor

Back in the 18th century when chintz was very popular, wallpaper started being the new way to decorate the walls. At that time wallpaper was expensive, being made of leather and silk. Today things are [...]

How to Brighten a Dark Room

If you really want to brighten a dark room make sure it's the clearest, brightest, whitest white you can find. No cream, no ivory, and no versions of off-white. Clear and true is the way to go. Paint [...]

College Dorm Room Decorating Ideas That'll Make Your Space Feel Like Home

College students use their rooms for two things: relaxing and studying. To do both, their spaces need to be inspiring and organized. These double-duty pieces and creative tricks will guarantee all of [...]

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