Moody’s says economy still “susceptible to every risk”

Moody’s says economy still “susceptible to every risk”

“We expect a decline in the debt-to-GDP ratio to close to 100 per cent by the end of this year. The country has regained capital market access and has a cash buffer, which will help to cover financi [...]

BOC announces €553m net loss, real estate fund to reduce NPLs

BoC said it also received regulatory approval to set up a real estate fund and have it listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange. It includes €729m in provisioning charges, up 173 per cent, €38m in impa [...]

BOC sets up asset management company

The new subsidiary, under the name BoC Asset Management Ltd and fully owned by the bank, already received the approval of the European Central Bank and the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, t [...]

EBA: Revised guidelines on internal governance

The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published yesterday its revised guidelines on internal governance. According to a statement, these guidelines aim at further harmonizing institutions' internal [...]

Cypriot economy to grow by 3.5% Hellenic Bank says

“Growth is becoming more vigorous and broad-based, contributing to employment growth and the reduction of unemployment, though still remaining high,” the bank said, adding that public finances hav [...]

Χούρικαν: Αρχίσαμε να χάνουμε την υπομονή μας με τους στρατηγικούς κακοπληρωτές [vid]

Η Τράπεζα Κύπρου, τέσσερα και πλέον χρόνια μετά την κρίση του 2013 άρχισε να χάνει την υπομονή της με όσους στρα [...]

Cyprus upgraded by Moody's

Moody`s rating agency has upgraded government bond ratings of Cyprus by one notch, to Ba3 from B1, a move Nicosia has welcomed. Moody's maintained a positive outlook and said the short-term ratings ha [...]

Moody's: BOCH must sell NPLs to reduce them to 20%

Bank of Cyprus' continued recovery after a bailout four years ago will depend on the bank's ability to significantly clean-up its loan book from legacy bad loans, according to Moody’s Rating Agency. [...]

COOP shares to trade at 10 cents

The shares of the Cooperative Cyprus Bank will start trading at the Cyprus Stock Exchange at 10 cents per share, after the external consultants of the Bank evaluated it at around 600 million euro. On [...]

CIPA promotes Cyprus in London

The opportunities offered by Cyprus in the sectors of financial services, shipping, energy, ICT and innovation were explored during an event organized in London by Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency a [...]

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